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Catering Services

Looking for a caterer? Look no further! 

Experience a trendy food truck at your next event or celebration! Our crepe chefs will cater your event and prepare personalized dishes in front of your guests.

Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a milestone event, or looking for a great addition to your wedding menu, Frenchie's makes a great fit! We offer a variety of catering options sure to please all!

Our specialty is breakfast/ lunch caterings, as well as weddings and bridal gatherings.

Prices for events are listed below.

NOTE: There is a minimum food purchase amount of $500 + service charges, truck rental fee and all other applicable charges. Prices may vary.

HST is applicable on all services. 

Sweet Dessert Crepes - Select 3 sweet crepes. Includes 1 crepe per guest. 

$15.50 / person

Savory Crepes - Select 3 savory crepes. Includes 1 crepe per guest.

$22.50 / person

Savory OR Sweet Crepes - Select a combination of 4 sweet and savory crepes. Incudes 1 crepe per guest.

$24.50 / person

Sweet AND Savory Crepes- Select 2 sweet and 2 savory crepes. Includes 2 crepes per guest.

$32.50 / person


Additional Charges

Crepe Chef- $30 / hour / chef

Our talented crepe chefs prepare food to order for your guests!

Table Service- $25/ hour / server

Need a hand clearing tables, bussing plates and keeping things tidy for your guests? One of our highly trained wait staff can assist. If you're looking for sit-down table service please inquire. 

Crepe Truck- $250 set up fee. 30 km travel distance from our commercial kitchen included. For further locations please contact for more information. 

Plates / Utensils - Included

Bio-degradable paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery.

Linens & Plate Ware Rentals - Rates vary with rental company. Please contact for more information.

Generator Fee - $20 / Hour

Suitable for venues where power is not available. Quiet Honda generator that won't disturb your guests.


Samantha Kuryliak- C-905-783-5919


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